Deobfuscate PBO files you cannot open with regular tools

PBO deobfuscation aims at making obfuscated PBO files from Arma 3 or DayZ useful again


Simply use the website to upload your obfuscated files and download them in a processed, cleaned and deobfuscated form

Static analysis

The PBO files you upload are analyzed statically and not loaded by the game engine whatsoever. This results in the deobfusaction only taking a few seconds

No limitations

You are free to upload files of any size and without limitation on the amount of PBO's uploaded as long as you keep it reasonable.

Totally Optimized

Find out what SQF code your favourite communities use

Make almost every Mission-file Open-Source even though it was obfuscated! You are now able to prevent server owners hiding their code from users trying to access it with popular pbo unpacking tools.

All Tools in One Place
  • SQF Files are automatically beautified

  • Most useless files inserted by the obfuscation are filtered out

  • Generally, the mission.sqm can be loaded directly into the Eden editor

Missionfile encryption in Arma 3

It is not possible to encrypt a Mission file in Arma 3. Everything that gets sent to your computer the game has to interpret which is why we are able to reverse engineer this, thus making it possible to deobfuscate PBOs and thus make them readable again!

Easy to use
  1. Upload your PBO to the website

  2. Wait a few seconds for the PBO to be processed

  3. Download the deobfuscated files in a ZIP file


Why people use PBO Deobfuscator

PBO Deobfuscator is the only and first service that offers pbo deobfuscation to the public

Got Questions? Look Here

Dont trust tools solely because they are being used by many large communities. Even if they claim they have years of experience. Keeping content exclusive is not something a server can simply buy without knowing how the game works. Many obfuscation providers also advertise with terms such as encryption so by their definition this service "decrypts" their obfuscation.

Am I allowed to upload all the PBOs from my friends?

One account should only be used by one person. If you decide to share the deobfuscated pbo you wanted to upload anyway to a friend that's fine but don't post the full PBO publicly.

What are the requirements for my PBOs?

The PBOs are tested with the obfuscation provided by Mikero as well as ObfuSQF. There are also some niche obfuscators which will probally also get deobfuscated by our service.

There are some servers (you can count them on one hand) that actually know how Arma 3 works but if you are one of these, you should probably know how to open your own pbo.

Where can I find the mission file?

You can find the mission file under the path

"%localappdata%\Arma 3\MPMissionsCache"

This path can be opened by pressing Win + R and then pasting the path inside the "Run" window.

Do you have a free trial?

We currently don't provide a free trial. If you want to promote our site contact us at [email protected]

Does the service also work with mods?

We do mostly focus on mission files but there is basically no difference between mods and mission file within PBOs. One big difference is that mods most of the time do not contain a lot of scripts.

The other major difference is that Arma can load EBO files as mods which are encrypted PBOs. This is theoretically safe but the encryption key is inside the Arma executable.

It is not possible to encrypt mission files!

I have an issue with this service

Simple And Flexible Pricing

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10 .00 / month*

Billed as 10€ per month

  • 24/7 access to the tool

  • Unlimited deobfuscations

  • Soon Support via website

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Quarter-yearly (3 Months)
Save 20%
8 .00 / month*

Billed as 24€ per 3 months

  • 24/7 access to the tool

  • Unlimited deobfuscations

  • Soon Support via website

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*The above prices do not include transaction fees or tax based on your billing address. The final price will be displayed on the checkout page, before the payment is completed. This website is under new ownership as of June 25, 2022.

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